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The Seasonal Pages

Printable Blue Planner Sticker Set

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Printable Blue Planner Sticker Set is part of The Seasonal Page's collection of printable planner sets. This product is an instant download containing one PDF file with 11 sheets of blue styled planner sticker designs that fits 8.5 x 11 inches paper, which is the standard printing size. The printable sheet stickers can be cut by hand and fit into The Happy Planner, Erin Condren planner, and many other planner styles. When you purchase the printable design, it will be sent to you alongside instructions to your email in a zip file. This is not a mailed physical copy but a printable planner designs. The colors of the printable can vary based on the computer screen.


  • What will you receive?

You will receive one high quality PDF with 11 planner sticker printable sheets that are sized 8.5x11 inches, which can fit most printers and instructions in a zip file. The printable sheet stickers can be cut by hand and fit into The Happy Planner, Erin Condren planner, and many other planner styles.


  • What designs are included in this planner sticker set?

The designs included in this planner sticker set are:

‣ First + Second Page: 

  • 10 full boxes (1.5" x 1.9")

  • 5 half boxes (1.5" x 1")

  • 5 boxes (1.5"x0.75")

  • 18 quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 flag stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 16 arrow stickers (1"x0.25")

  • 5 stripes (6.375"x0.25")

‣ Third + Fourth Page: 

  • 15 full rounded corner boxes (1.5" x 1.9")

  • 10 rounded corner half boxes (1.5" x 1")

  • 5 rounded corner boxes (1.5"x0.75")

  • 15 rounded corner quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

‣ Fifth +Sixth Page: 

  • 10 to do checklists full boxes (1.5" x 1.9")

  • 10 to do checklists half boxes (1.5" x 1")

  • 26 checkbox stickers (0.5"x1.9")

  • 13 square labels with writing tool icons (0.5"x0.5")

‣ Seventh Page:

  • 15 daily menu half boxes (1.5" x 1")

  • 10 meals, dinner out, restaurant quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 15 hydrate, water counters (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 grocery baskets (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 meals, dinner out icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 coffee out icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 cooking, fridge, kitchen icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 coffee, tea, drinks stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 10 shops, groceries, cart quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 shops, groceries stickers (0.5"x0.5")

‣ Eighth Page:

  • 30 payments, bills, expenses quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 sale, delivery icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 shopping icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 shops, market, cart icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 discounts icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 household routines stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 laundry, trash icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 cleaning stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 pets, vet, water plants icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 journey, transport types, flight, bus, train, road trip stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 gas, wash car icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 10 gas expenses quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

‣ Ninth Page:

  • 30 meetings, schedule, calls, mail, email quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 projects icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 conference icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 business trip icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 26 to do, projects lists (0.5"x0.5")

  • 15 studies, exams, study group, lectures, homework, reading quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 52 studies, exams, study group, lectures, homework, reading (0.5"x0.5")

‣ Tenth Page:

  • 10 birthday quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 10 music, concert, tickets quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 10 TV quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 5 movie night quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 tickets icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 party icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 7 dancing icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 6 games stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 birthday, present icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 date stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 beach icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 barbecue stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 art, gallery icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 movies icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 TV stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 music icons (0.5"x0.5")

‣ Eleventh Page:

  • 5 health check, doctor appointments quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 5 dentist quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 5 bicycle quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 5 running quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 10 sports, workouts, gym quarter boxes (1.5"x0.5")

  • 13 bike icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 6 doctor icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 7 dentist icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 6 hospital, doctor appointments stickers (0.5"x0.5")

  • 7 sports icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 13 running icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 26 workouts, gym icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 39 meds, vitamins icons (0.5"x0.5")

  • 15 water counter, hydrate stickers (1.5"x0.5) 


  • How Long Does It Take To Send?

After you purchase the design our server will send you the design. Depending on your Internet server it can be a few seconds to a few minutes. But, as soon as you purchase the design, it will be sent to you alongside instructions to your email.


  • How Can I Use This Product?

You can have as many downloads as you want and use the printable planner stickers to decorate your planner and adding a special touch.


  • What Do You Recommend For Printing?

Make sure to set the printer settings to 100% or actual size. We recommend using places like Office Max, Office Depot, Fedex, UPS, or a high quality printer from home with computer paper or sticker paper from Amazon. 


Don't forget this item is designed by The Seasonal Pages and is not to be used for resell, commercial purposes, but, for your own personal use. These designs are protected.


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Disclosure: We do not give refunds for digital downloads because of the nature of the product. Contact us at if you have any problems downloading your zip file.