5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Reading In The Mornings

5 Reasons Why I Enjoy Reading In The Mornings

Hello my darlings. This week I wanted to speak on the why I enjoy reading in the mornings. I think my favorite time of the day to read is early in the mornings or sometimes late at night. It is just something about the morning times that make me love the silence and want to spend hours reading a new book. These are five reasons why I enjoy reading in the mornings:

The Silence

What can I say, I love reading in silence with the little light of sunlight coming through my huge bedroom windows. I usually hear cars going by or neighbors cutting the grass throughout the day -- so, the mornings are the best for reading. I will admit that I am one for a little bit of coffee house music in the mornings too but it's nothing like pure silence and a good book to make my morning.

Having A Wonderful Breakfast With A Good Book

I am an avid coffee drinker and having a great book to read while I enjoy my morning coffee is a great way to start my morning. I also like to get fancy and have a little bit of fruit or a pastry with my coffee and book. There is nothing like a light meal in the morning and starting your day with a good book.

I Start My Day With Reading To Relax My Mind

I used to be one of those people that dived into school, work or anything else when I first wake up. Since, I added my reading routine in the mornings, I can admit I feel more relaxed throughout my day. I tend to get less anxious because I gave my body the right wake up routine. Apparently, reading in the morning is the best because it is exercises your mind as you are waking up from a long sleep.

It Helps Me Focus Better 

If I dive into a new activity in the morning, I have to be kinda ready for that and my brain is trying to focus better -- with reading I have had a chance gain a better focus. Reading helps me focus better especially for the morning time. I have to concentrate and really understand what I am reading which in the end gives me great focus skills. I am not as focused as I want to be in the mornings and reading truly helps with that.

I Really Enjoy Diving Into Stories First Thing In The Morning

It is something about reading in the morning and diving into new stories that brings me joy. I like to read books from different genres and I feel like reading in the morning helps me get excited for my day. I get the chance to relate to characters or authors. I find reading stories when I first wake up to be refreshing, exciting and enjoyable. 

Morning reading not only has benefits for your mind but also to bring you joy. I find myself being more anxious when I don't start off my day reading and getting into a better routine. I prefer morning reading to night time reading but let me not mention that I do have days of late night reading. I'll leave my late night reading post for another day. Do you prefer to read at night or in the mornings? Let me know down below. Happy Reading!

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