March 2021 Book Wrap Up

March 2021 Book Wrap Up

Hello darlings. March was an interesting month of reading because I read very diversely in terms of genres. I thought that I would slowly get into other genres but I jumped right in as if I was new to swim and learning to tread water and didn't want to practice with floaties. One genre in particular I was surprised that did not grab me: poetry -- shocking I know since poetry is one of my favorite genres. But, I really enjoyed thrillers this month and plan on reading them more often. I hope that your March reading went well. Let me know down below what you read and what was your favorite read.



Kind of Hindu (Nothing Like I Imagined)

By Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, known for her acting, directing, writing and humorous personality wrote a short book about her heritage and what she wants for her daughter when it comes to being Hindu. It was honest, funny and also a way to look at yourself and what you think of your own heritage and labels.



Candace (The Fairer Sex Collection Book 1)

By Michelle Miller

Candace is a short book that feels like a beginning chapter to a book about a first date. The book focuses on feminism and dating on a blind date. It left me wondering about dating and how gender roles we have had with dating can be challenged in this new era. This book can either leave you wondering what did I just read or I wonder what would happen in reality haha.


Payback By Natalie V. Moore

Payback was one of those books that left me with a lot of information and heartbroken. The plot was about 1970 cases of Black men that were incident going to jail because of false confessions based on abuse from racist police officers during that time. I enjoyed the book and thought that the writer gave me insight from her standpoint as well new articles, news coverage and small interviews with men that were involved in the cases.


Graceful Burdens By Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is an author that I have wanted to read for awhile and she left me wanting to devour more of her works. Graceful Burdens is about an era where people are put into two categories: able to reproduce and not able to reproduce based on the laws of society. I couldn't put this short book down and wanted more after it ended.


Bingo Love By Tee Franklin

Tee Franklin has some of the cutest comics and Bingo Love was the cutest storyline. Bingo Love is about a lesbian couple that fell in love as teenagers to find eachother later in life with the juicy details in between. It was a very romance story and the illustrations were stunning. I ended up buying the Bingo Love Special Edition and recommend you do too. 

Everything My Mother Taught Me 

By Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman, the well known author for the book series Practical Magic and other thrillers captured my reading addiction with Everything My Mother Taught Me. I wanted more of the book and after finishing this short book, I went to buy Practical Magic and can't wait to read it. Everything My Mother Taught Me was a thriller filled with murder, mystery and will leave you on the edge of your seat.


March was a great month for reading and I was happy to have the chance to read outside of my normal genres. Surprisingly, mysteries and thrillers are really capturing my reading because of the intensity of the writing. Do you have a genre you enjoyed in March?

Don't forget to check out my podcast episode for me discussing these books in detail below. Happy Reading!




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