How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump

The ultimate guide for how to start reading again after a reading slump


Reading is wonderful, but can sometimes take a toll on you and make you want to stay away from books as much as possible. This can happen due to over-reading, stress, and tiredness from your routine.

Getting back to your reading routine is not hard, but it has its own tips and tricks. In this post, we gathered the top recommendations to help you get out of a reading slump in the best way possible.

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Take A Break & Don’t Stress About It

If you notice you’ve entered a reading slump, it is expected that you start looking for new books and picking up everything you can read, and ditching it after 5 minutes. This can increase your frustration and extend your reading slump for even longer.

To avoid this, take a break and don’t stress about it. And what I mean by this is to just let your eyes and mind rest while you recharge batteries and find a book that will take you out of your break.

Go Back To Books You Love

We all know the struggle of starting a new book. The thought of just browsing through plenty of titles can turn into a stressful time for many, which is why I highly recommend you go back to books you love.

To get out of a reading slump, you need to find a good title that will make you excited and happy to read, and you can opt for re-reading some of your favorite books, even if you’ve done this a hundred times. You can also try this but with audiobooks of your favorite titles to spice things up.

Change Your Reading Location

The place where you read plays a key role in your reading slump, and if you’re searching for how to start reading again after a break, you might want to assess your current reading spot.

Try switching things up by reading outside, in a coffee shop, in a cozy place in your home, or in another spot you consider perfect to love reading again.

Don’t stick with just one option, feel free to read in as many spots as possible until you find the perfect one to get out of a reading slump.

Final Words

Congratulations on finishing this brief and high-quality guide for getting out of a reading slump. In this mini section, I want to remind you that taking a break from reading is more than okay, and there’s not a specific period where you should consider “getting back to reading”.

If you’re not feeling like it, it’s fine. Take a break and, whenever you’re ready, consider implementing the tips mentioned above.

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