Find A Penpal

Find A Penpal

Humans have been writing to others as a form of communications for many years. When is the last time you have written a letter? Letter writing is still a great hobby for many people and is now called the penpal community. People love writing others to get to know them and make life long friendships. Personally, the owner behind The Seasonal Pages loves writing and having a penpal to write about life or favorite television shows makes life even better. Why not get excited to see something fun in your mailbox (digitally or physically) instead of just bills or spam?

There are different types of penpals such as snailmail, email or digital. Snailmail (sometimes just called penpal letters) is considered to be the traditional writing where you mail a letter to someone. Email penpaling is when you have a penpal only via email. Digital penpaling is when you are using other platforms on social media such as Instagram or Facebook. People choose whether to have PO Boxes, special emails or social media to have penpals but it is all based on preference. Safety is always important when meeting others on the internet.

This blog post will give you a few places that can help you find penpals and start writing letters to people that you have something in common with. Definitely let me know if you know of any other ways to find penpals with a simple comment below either by listening to the podcast or reading the list. 


Instagram hashtags or posts

Instagram hashtags seem to be a great way to find penpals and where I have surprisingly found majority of my current penpals. You can reach out to people on their posts, direct message people that are interested in finding penpals and who you feel as if you would love to write. You can use hashtags such as #penpalswanted ; #penpalsneeded ; #penpalcommunity ; #penpalsaroundtheworld or visiting The Seasonal Pages instagram post "find a penpal" by clicking hereOn the IG post, you can write a little intro mention things like your name, age, country, hobbies/things you like. Just remember to share only information you are comfortable with, nobody has to share information that you are not comfortable with.



Find penpal clubs

There are writers everywhere and you will be surprised by how many virtual penpal clubs there are. Always remain safe about your address and remember to think twice before writing someone. Penpal clubs can be found with a simple google search. But, just in case you are curious on a few places here are some listed below:

Geek Girl Penpals



Penpal World


Penpal with a soldier

There are soldiers stationed in different parts of the world. You can find a penpal that would love to hear from you during their time as a soldier. Here are a few websites to get started:

America's Adopt A Soldier

Soldiers' Angels 

Adopt A Platoon


Ask old friends & family that you haven't spoke to in awhile

or live long distant

You might have friends that you rarely speak to but would still love to keep up with them from time to time. Why not send them a little happy mail? Or you might have family that lives a few states over that you rarely see except at family gathers once a year. You could start writing them to connect more.


Reach out to nursing homes and penpal a senior

There are so many seniors staying at assisted living homes that would love to write others and create friendships. I have listed a few websites that are showing where to send your information to get a new penpal:

Village Concepts

Reach Out America

Victorian Secret Center


Join Reddit and visit penpal forums

Reddit is a platform similar to Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram but slightly different. It is more of a blog format with images and voting. You will be surprised that it has a penpal section that you can connect to others. Visit


Join Facebook groups for penpaling

Facebook can be used for so many hobbies and finding a penpal is one of them. Facebook penpal groups people usually show their face, tell you a little bit about themselves and people can choose whether to contact them if they want to be penpals. There are a few that you can join:

Worldwide Snail Mail Penpals ; Penpals From All Over The World


I hope that this blog post was able to give you some ideas on how to find others to write to. Remember to remain safe, connect with others that you feel comfortable with and get a PO Box to add an extra layer of protection for your address. If you are under 18, ask your parents to help to get a PO Box. Gaining life long friendships through penpal relationships is an amazing way to learn, grow, and befriend others. This list will be updated as I learn other ways to gain penpals. 

Don't forget, this blog post has a link to the Instagram post that The Seasonal Pages created to find a penpal by clicking here. On the IG post, you can write a little intro mention things like your name, age, country, hobbies/things you like. Just remember to share only information you are comfortable with, nobody has to share information that you are not comfortable with.

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