February 2022 Book Releases

February 2022 Book Releases

Hello darlings! February is a great month to discover outstanding books written by Black authors, and if you’re looking to expand your bookshelf this article is for you. To honor Black History Month, here you can find February’s top 10 book releases that go from Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult, and more genres to have a diverse and complete bookshelf. 



Title: Carolina Built

Author: Kianna Alexander

Genre: Historical Fiction

Availability: February 22, 2022


Kianna Alexander publishes an outstanding story about real estate magnate Josephine N. Leary, in which she moves to California, to the plantation where she was born, as a free and happily married woman ready to make her own life and trace her path.

While she tries to be the best in real estate, she starts to lose the balance of her life, and she decides to make some changes. Teaching herself how to be a businesswoman, manage her finances and make only the wisest investments, Josephine is determined to leave a legacy, but she struggles to build it from the ground. Kianna brings an inspiring story about dreaming big and achieving goals despite all adversity. To be published on February 1, this Adult Fiction will surely top some charts.   




Title: Don't Cry For Me

Author: Daniel Black

Genre: Historical Gay Fiction


Daniel Black presents a heart-touching story of a Black father who makes amends with his gay son through emotional written letters left on his deathbed. As Jacob lies dying, he begins to write letters to his son, Isaac, whom he has not spoken to or met for many years. 

Don’t Cry For Me dives into the trauma of a father, caused by his son, and a son’s pain, caused by his dismissive father. Released on February 1, this Adult Contemporary tries to find a son and his father’s peace in a middle ground, filled with love, pain, and grief.



Title: The Violin Conspiracy

Author: Brendan Slocumb

Genre: Mystery


“A riveting tale about a Black classical musician whose family heirloom violin is stolen on the eve of the most prestigious classical music competition in the world”. Ray loves playing the violin, more than anything in the world, and is determined to achieve his dream of making it his job, but he knows his possibilities are counted due to his low income and hateful racist environment.

Everything changes when he discovers his grandfather owned a precious Stradivarius, and when the international Tchaikovsky Competition is approaching, his star begins to rise. But everything changes when his appreciated possession gets stolen, and his grandfather’s family and descendants of the man who slaved him each are claiming that the violin belongs to them. 

Slocumb brings a mysterious Thriller, set to be released on February 1, that will surprise more than one. 



Title: Required Reading For The Disenfranchised Freshman

Author: Kristen R. Lee

Genre: Contemporary


Kristen R. Lee brings an outstanding story about racism in elite colleges, in which Savannah Howard sacrificed her high school social life to make sure she got into a top college, but when she is accepted to the ivy-covered walls of Wooddale University, she turns down her HBCU choices to follow her dream.

Dive into Savannah’s journey through Wooddale as she tries to discover this town’s secret racism behaviors and aggressions that will hurt more than one.

To be released on February 1, Kristen R. Lee publishes an amazing Young Adult book worthy of any TBR list.




Title: What The Fireflies Knew

Author: Kai Harris

Genre: Coming Of Age


What The Fireflies Knew narrates the story from the perspective of an 11-year old named KB and her sister as they try to adapt to their new life living with their grandfather, after the death of their father and the disappearance of their mother.

It is a compelling, captivated and emotional story of two Black girls, one on the cusp of puberty, that dives into childhood and transitioning adolescence while trying to heal from their parent’s absence. Kai Harri’s narrative and resources are worthy of admiration; coming February 2, this coming-of-age Adult Contemporary should be included on your next TBR list.



Title: Kemosha Of The Caribbean

Author: Alex Wheatle

Genre: Young Adult


“Kemosha and her brother have lived their whole lives in slavery. Sold away to work in lawless Port Royal, Kemosha takes her chance to escape brutal treatment. With fortune on her side, Kemosha befriends Ravenhide, a man with a mysterious past who teaches her the art of sword fighting, and introduces her to the beautiful runaway Isabella”. 

But her mission is not done yet, as she needs to earn enough pieces of eight to buy her brother’s freedom. Alex Wheatle publishes a fantastic Young Adult piece that dives into real adversities that many Black people had to face while adding beautiful literary touches to the story, coming on February 3.



Title: Nobody's Magic

Author: Destiny O.  Birdsong

Genre: Adult Fiction

Availability: February 08, 2022


Destiny O. Birdsong presents a beautiful, sexy, and real piece that narrates stories of Southern Black womanhood. Three Black women with albinism live in Louisiana: Suzette, a 20-year old facing trauma from her childhood, Maple, a woman who is trying to figure out her free-spirit mother’s murder, and Agnes, farm from home and working a mind-burner job. 

The three navigate through life and try to heal from their past and learn how to live in the present. Destiny brings an outstanding book, told in three parts, about female strength, growth, and self-discovery, set in a complicated background of racial injustice. Released on February 8, this Adult Contemporary is highly recommended to add to your bookshelf.




Title: Black Cloud Rising

Author: David Wright Falade

Genre: Historical Fiction

Availability: February 22, 2022


Black Cloud Rising tells the story of soldier men united in the line front, who just a few weeks ago were kept as slaves. Richard, son of a slave and her master, was raised with privileges but always reminded of his place; he want to make his family proud and joins forces with the African Brigade. 

With enslaved men and women present in many scenes, this book dives into the topic of freedom and love, passing through pain, injustice, and heartbreak. David is releasing this Fiction on February 8.




Title: The Great Mrs.Elias 

Author: Barbara Chase-Riboud

Genre: Historical Fiction

Availability: February 08, 2022


Barbara Chase-Riboud brings a historical fiction about Hannah Elias, one of the richest black women in America in early 1900. Police are called to visit Hannah Elias's five-story house in Central Park West for a murder and mistaken identity case, which sets off a series of events that go back and forth in time trying to reveal a woman’s secret and the origin of her wealth built.

Barbara presents an acclaimed story that turns Hannah’s life upside down due to that murder, in which she which she faces people’s conceptions and fury when they claim she stole a rich white individual’s wealth. Released on February 8, this Adult Fiction navigates through mystery and unsolved cases, mysteries, and suspicious backgrounds.



Title: Cherish Farrah

Author: Bethany C. Morrow

Genre: YA Thriller

Availability: February 08, 2022


Farrah, a 17-year old Black woman manipulates her way into her Black best friend’s white adoptive and wealthy family but soon discovers she was not the only one with second intentions.

As more time she spends with the Whitman family, more her own suspects they are hiding something, that something is not right.

Bethany C. Morrow brings a much-awaited Thriller, set to be released on February 8, that will make more than one question their surroundings.


Have you noticed any new books you want to read? Some of the books above will either make you want to dive into a magical realm, spark romance or send you on a fun adventure. I hope that you were able to find something that you want to read and enjoy every minute of your reading session during this season. Happy Reading! 

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