February 2021 Book Wrap Up

February 2021 Book Wrap Up

2021 has been such a fast paced year and The Seasonal Pages enjoyed quite a few reading sessions since the new year began. January was a rollarcoaster ride for reading but February was a great month for short books. Short books are a great way to get out of a reading slump or to have a quick read if you have a lot going on in your life. The books I read in February ranged from 50+ pages or more and were from different genres. I tried to read a variety of genres so that I won't overload on the same genres I always read *cough* romance or poetry. I don't plan on giving detailed reviews but just a few statements on what the books are about and if you would be interested in the short book based on your taste. 


New Year, Same Trash: Resolutions I Absolutely Did Not Keep (A Vintage Short) By Samantha Irby is a book that regardless if you are in your 20s or 40s, you can relate to as far as making a new year new me list. The book has adult content, cursing as well as humor to remind you that you aren't alone when it comes to making goals for the new year.



This Van Could Be Your Life by Mishka Shubaly is a book that I found funny because of how I have been on the "van life" train for years and want to join the open road one day but reading others experiences make me realize that it will be a funny and interesting journey but a journey nonetheless. If you are interested in a self reflecting book with a little humor about a roadtrip with a family in a small and rustic van -- I highly recommend this book.



The Visitor (The One) by Dodai Stewart is a surprising romance short book. I was guessing about the way the book would end and it surprised me towards the end but it is something for you to enjoy late at night before heading to bed.


A Wedding Thing by Shea Serrano with Larami Serrano is a short book that can have you look at love from two different perspectives. The Serrano's are a married couple that speak on how they perceived each-other up until their married day. It was a cute read and made you enjoy the day leading up to their big day.


Homebody By Rupi Kaur is a short-medium sized poetry book that is similar to her previous works. I have read each one of Kaur's books and she fits in the modern day styled poetry. Not super intense as far as poetry goes but a simple poetry book that you can finish quickly. 

I Saw You As A Flower: A Poetry Collection by Ellen Everett is a poetry book by independent author and it had me thinking about different types of love relationships. The poetry book is lengthy and had quite a few gems. If you are looking for a book to pick up for a simple poetry book this book won't disappoint. 

February went by faster than I expected but I got the chance to read a lot of short books and plan on devouring more short books in the future. March has already had me wanting to read more short books in a variety of genres. If you prefer to listen to me chat about my reads this month listen below. Until next month's reads. Happy Reading!

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