Book Challenges You Will Love

Book Challenges You Will Love

Hello my dears! Ready to step up your reading game and become a pro-book-challenge follower? Below you can find the best and most exciting reading challenges to engage in now! Book challenges are great for those who want to initiate the beautiful habit of reading but don’t know where to begin or how to find consistency. There are loads and loads of different challenges to take part in, depending on your time available, genre preferences and so many more factors that can help you become more fond of reading.

If you’re looking to step up your reading game and add more fun to your daily routine, here you can find the most popular reading challenges to take part in now.


Book Club Challenge

A book club is a great way to find other readers that share the same likings as you or find new genres that you didn't think you could ever enjoy. These clubs usually decide on a book per month and determine a weekly schedule where they will discuss their reading so far as well as theories and other fun stuff.

This is a wonderful way to start becoming more fond of reading if you’re not much of a reader yourself, and start reading at a slow but steady pace thus having other people talk about how far they got it motivates you and makes you want to take part in more challenges.


Book Cover Color Challenge

This one has been one of the reading community’s favorite reading challenges this year, where people decide on a book based on the color of its cover. Some tend to do it over a month, reading as many books of that color cover as possible, and others decide on just one. Regardless of the choice, it is a dun and very aesthetic challenge to take part in.

The rainbow challenge is another name for this fun activity, where readers begin by the first color of the rainbow and continue the path.


Book Genre Challenge 

If you struggle with variety in your readings, meaning that you stick with one or two genres only, then you should definitely try this challenge next. The book genre challenge dares bookworms to step out of their comfort zone and grab genres they are not accustomed to giving others a chance of sparkling too.

It can be done monthly, with one genre at a time, or weekly, varying the category as the weeks pass by. You’ll discover which genres you absolutely love, which surprised you, and which you absolutely don’t want to read again (it happens to most, which is totally fine because you don’t have to like every single genre created).


Rory Gilmore Book Challenge

A true must-engage challenge based on Gilmore Girls’ star Rory Gilmore, that consists of a list of specific books the character has read through the TV series. There are a few different versions of this challenge but all share more or less the same books, with some lists overpassing the 400 literary pieces (to be fair, Rory was very fond of reading so it doesn’t come as a surprise this number of books she read during all those years). 

Some well-known books on the list include George Orwell’s 1984, Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, and many more. This is an extensive reading challenge that can bring fun and new favorites to your life for sure. Fans of Gilmore Girls can have more fun by spotting the books read on the series when they re-watch the show.


A-Z Book Challenge

A fun and innovative challenge where people have to read a book for every letter of the alphabet. No cheating and no excuses, this one will bring new pieces that you probably have never heard of and will allow you to expand your reading horizons and expectations of other genres as well.

This book challenge, like the others mentioned above, can be done weekly or monthly, depending on your reading speed, schedule, and excitement. And it can also begin on whatever letter you want, just follow the rest of the order until you find yourself starting again. 


Movie Book Challenge

This is the best option for those who want to start reading more often but find it hard, the movie book challenge dares readers to pick a book that was made into a movie to enjoy a more detailed view of the plot. Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games and many more are part of this challenge that has taken over the world.

It can also be made with books that were later turned into a TV series, such as Gossip Girl, Lupin, Bridgerton, and others. The most fun part is to later watch the adaptation again and notice the subtle differences with the book.


Song Book Challenge

This one is a bit harder than the rest, thus bookworms are challenged to pick a book with the same name as a song, anyone they want. Perhaps there are not many options available as easy as other challenges, but this one is surely a fun one to take part in. 

Music enthusiasts might want to take a step even further and have fun trying to find books named as songs they love and form their band’s album!

Reading challenges are very fun to follow and so easy to create, the most important thing is to create healthy and constant habits of reading that help you become more fond of the activity as the days pass by. Books are the most wonderful thing available in the world, in a writer’s humble opinion, therefore engaging in some unique and exciting challenges makes this easier.


Whatever challenge you choose or create, focus on what you like doing and what feels right for you; if you find yourself stuck in a book for weeks or went through a very stressful time at work or school, don’t hesitate to take a break to prevent burnout. I plan on partake in a few challenges this year. I hope you do too! Happy Reading!

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