3 Best Fantasy Books To Read This Year

3 Best Fantasy Books To Read This Year

Get ready to add new titles to your TBR list and discover a new world with each book


Fantasy titles are just something else, and if you’re looking for quality fantasy books to read in 2023 that are not Harry Potter, this post will come in handy. Check out the best fantasy books according to Goodreads and thousands of readers around the world.


1. Ordinary Monsters By J.M. Miro

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s vision of Wednesday, you’ll surely love this book, as it’s one of the best fantasy books to read this year. Set in Victorian London, this story follows the lives of two children with mysterious powers that are being hunted by a frightening figure of darkness, known as a man made of smoke. Things take an interesting turn when Charlie Ovid and Marlowe, both of sixteen years old, have to be escorted by two detectives up north to safety. A journey of unimaginable encounters with children just like them, known as the Talents, begins.


2. The Book Eaters By Sunyi Dean 

Next on the list of best fantasy books you should add to your collection we have The Book Eaters. If you’ve ever dreamt of memorizing a book’s content—minus the part of eating it—this piece might become one of your favorites. On the Yorkshire Moors, a secret group of people feed themselves with books, and they have the ability to retain all of that book’s content afterward. Each category of book has a different taste. Spy novels are a peppery snack, while romance novels are very sweet and delicious. Women are raised with a strict diet of fairytales and cautionary stories, and everything takes a turn when her son is born with a different kind of hunger, not for books, but for human minds.


3. When Women Were Dragons By Kelly Barnhill

This feminist tale is set in America, around the 1950s, narrating the time where spontaneously, thousands of women transformed into dragons and a movement of accepting others for who they really are exploded. According to various newspapers, this is one of the best fantasy books of Goodreads you must read in 2023. Young girl Alex Green was affected by the Mass Dragoning of 1955, facing a new world with scales, wings and talons. The curious thing is, Alex’s beloved aunt Marla and her transformed, but her mother didn’t. Alex is forced into silence but must still face the consequences of live events, featuring a super-protective mother, and absentee father, the insistence that her aunt never existed, and the fall of her cousin Bea, who became too obsessed with the forbidden.



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