Best Books For 2023

Best Books For 2023

Get to know the best 2023 books and expand your TBR list even more



Finding something new to read can be a bit tedious and exhausting, especially if you encounter generic lists with the same classics or trendy books.

This is your lucky day; thus, we crafted the perfect short, precise, and full-of-content article with the top 3 books to read in 2023. Take a look at your next favorite titles, and your next big bookshop purchase. Further, the best bookish accessories to pair your new books with.




1. A Living Remedy By Nicole Chung

Nicole’s newest memoir involves family, class, and grief in a personal yet unreal story. A daughter is desperate to learn about her adoptive parent’s lives, paired with the life she forged as an adult and the lives she’s lost along the way.

This story explores the phenomenon of wealth and health among Americans, in which if you don’t have extraordinary wealth, you won’t be able to help those you love.

The story revolves around her childhood and adulthood, grief from losing both her parents, and more. It is set to be one of the best books of 2023.




2. Our Share of Night By Mariana Enriquez

Our Share Of Night is another book to read in 2023. This story takes a devious turn when a woman’s mysterious death puts her husband and son on a collision curse with her demonic family.


After their beloved mother and wife passed away, a young father and son set out on a road trip. The two, united in their grief, travel to her ancestral home to confront the terrifying legacy she left behind: a family called the Request that commits unspeakable demonstrations looking for interminability.


Listed in plenty of top books of 2023 lists, this book will surely leave you at the end of your seat.




3. This Other Eden By Paul Harding

Benjamin Honey, who had been enslaved, and his Irish wife, Patience, found an island in 1792 where they could live together.

Over a century after the fact, the Honeys' relatives stay there, with a capricious, different band of neighbors: a couple of sisters raising three Penobscot vagrants; Theophilus and Candace Larks, as well as their offspring at night; Zachary Hand to God Proverbs, a Civil War veteran who carves Biblical images into a tree's hollow, is a prophet.

This might not sound like your typical book or a story that could be considered one of the best 2023 books, but just wait until you finish reading.



Final Words

This year brought plenty of excellent books, and the ones mentioned above are just a snippet of them. You may have heard of these authors or this might be the first time you learn about them, but just know, they are true best-selling writers that will make you fall in love with literature all over again.

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