April 2021 Book Wrap Up

April 2021 Book Wrap Up

Hello darlings, Happy May! April has been a great month of reading and I was able to read quite a few books from all types of genres. Of course, I went into April thinking that I would read books with a Spring tone but ended up enjoying a lot of genres that I have read in a while. How was your April reading? Did you get the chance to read some books that put you into the spring mood? I would love to know what you read also, don't forget to comment below. Here is my list from my April reads:


Black Girl, Call Home

By Jasmine Mans

Genre: Poetry

Jasmine Mans captured me through her poetry from beginning to the end. There wasn't a piece of poetry that didn't resinate with me and she was able to make me reminisce about my childhood, teen years and moments in my adulthood all within a medium poetry book. There are moments of humor, joy and sadness as you read from Black Girl, Call Home. I am so glad that I purchased this book and I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for insight into what it is like growing up as a Black woman.

I Am Not Your Negro

By James Baldwin

Genre: Biography / Screenplay

I have been wanting to read from James Baldwin's vault of literature again. I adore his writing and this book was somewhat of a documentary but with writing. It is like a replica of the documentary I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck. It contains writings by Baldwin that weren't turned into a novel because he didn't get the chance to finish it. But, once again his writing doesn't disappoint. Baldwin tied in racism, important black figures and his thoughts on the world we live in. If you want to hear from the director and Baldwin into one book then this book will be a good read. I enjoyed the book but I think I went in thinking it would be all Baldwin and it was somewhat different.




By Alice Oseman

Genre: Romance YA Graphic Novel

I have had Heartstopper on my mind for a long time and finally had the chance to read it. Alice Oseman had beautiful illustrations and a cute love story that I believe developed nicely without feeling rushed. You were able to understand the characters and the illustrations pulled the story together. I enjoyed this book and plan on reading the other 2 graphic books in the series. 

Walking For Water

By Susan Hughes

Genre: Children

Release Date: June 1, 2021

Walking for Water by Susan Hughes is an adorable short children's book that gives you a history lesson, current lessons and a smile by the end of the book. Even though this book is for children, even adults can enjoy this positive story. Walking For Water made me as a reader excited to learn more about the Malawi culture and other African cultures. The illustrations are stunning and made this adorable story even more enjoyable. Walking for Water captured me with the telling of a true story. 



The Secret Garden

By Mariah Marsden 

Genre: Children's Literature

Release Date: June 15, 2021

The Secret Garden by Mariah Marsden and illustrated by Hanna Luechtefeld was such a fun read! It brought me back to a very cozy time during childhood where you enjoy the outdoors and find yourself in nature while enjoying spring. The illustrations were stunning and were able to make me feel as if I were in the book with the main character and traveling with her. This was a nice update to the original The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This book can be enjoyable for many age groups and can be a great read for the Spring time!

Tulsa Race Massacre Of 1921

By World Changing History

Genre: Historical Non-Fiction

I currently live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I wanted to learn more about the history of the city. The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 is a great book for readers that want to gain historical insight to such a horrible event. I left the book wanting to learn more about what happened to the people of Tulsa to current times. I enjoyed this short history lesson book.


April was a great month for reading and I was happy to have the chance to read 6 books. Surprisingly, I started on book 7 and didn't have the chance to finish it in time haha. But, I plan on speaking on some books that I started in April and didn't finish in my May Book Wrap Up Blog Post. Listen in to my book wrap up below if you are interested in hearing about my book wrap up. What is your favorite read from April?



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