9 Beautiful Bookstores Around The World

9 Beautiful Bookstores Around The World

Hello my darlings. Are you one of those people that love visiting bookstores? Do you wish to visit beautiful bookstores in different parts of the world? Look no further, this list that I created are 10 beautiful bookstores that will make you want to travel immediately. Even though we are having our travel trips altered with everything going on, I figured why not escape through photographs to beautiful bookstores around the world.

Bookstores have to be one of the greatest creations of all time, where people can spend hours and hours enjoying the view and spending quality time with a good book in hand. Whether going alone or accompanied, bookstores always bring happiness and warmth to our hearts.

If you’re looking for your next must–seen bookstore and want to take a step further and go abroad, here are the 10 most beautiful bookstores around the world for your next adventure.




Boekhandel Dominicanen, Maastricht, the Netherlands

By far one of the most recognizable and Pinterest-worthy book stores of all, Boekhandel Dominicanen located in Maastricht, Netherlands features a historic Dominican church, closed after the 18th century, that readers love its new and modern role since 2006. Huge floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with the world’s most amazing knowledge, as well as a beautiful coffee shop to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while taking in the stunning view.

Everyone that sets foot in this incredible bookstore feels like stepping into a luxurious and never-seen library, with the most impressive and aesthetic architecture ever created.



El Péndulo, Mexico City, Mexico

The chain of books under the name of El Péndulo, based in Mexico City, has several locations across the town. A great combination of bookstore meets cafe and restaurant with a light touch of modern-Gothic appearance, El Péndulo is one of the world’s most known bookstores. 

The place is filled with any information and book you could ever think of, and even just to stop by and have some nice breakfast or mid-afternoon snack, this bookstore will not leave your mind.



Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France

Perhaps the most iconic book store of all times, Shakespeare & Company, located in Paris’ Left Bank, has always been authors’ favorite place to acquire books. Personalities such as Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and Ezra Pound were common customers of this incredible place. It was first opened by George Whitman in 195 and since his death in 2011, his daughter Sylvia has been running the place. 

People are allowed to just lodge at the shop and appreciate the iconic spaces that some of the greatest literary minds have stepped in.



Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest, Romania

This one is a true wooden-architecture fantasy that leaves tourists out of breath when they first come in contact with this place. Opened in 2005, this relatively new book store has already been cataloged as one of the most beautiful in the world, presenting state-of-the-art architectural design with unique carved drawings as well as the finest stairs to ever been created.

A teahouse can be found on the top floor so readers and everyone that passes by can enjoy a nice cup of tea while taking in the impressive view that this place has to offer.



Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

Another iconic bookstore known around the world, Livraria Lello in Portugal is said to have inspired the one and only J.K Rowling in the design of Hogwarts. This 100-year-old place is filled with floors-to-ceiling books. The elaborate architecture and impressive wood additions make this place a true gem worth visiting. 

It is by far the most popular bookstore in all of Portugal and you shouldn’t hesitate to stop by if you have the chance.



Corso Como, Milan, Italy

Italy’s Corso Como bookstore is everything an Italian bookstore people can imagine in their heads: exquisite modern designs mixed with fashion and pure luxury, delivered in a simple yet attractive way. It was founded in 1991 by Carla Sozzani, former editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue, and it combines attractive spaces with fashion, a cafe, a roof garden, and a hotel. A truly magnificent place that is really worth investing in going to. 

Featuring a unique and world-known Milanese twist, the whole place becomes a fine masterpiece.



Arc N Book, Seoul, South Korea

Arc N Books is a place that goes beyond the title of a simple bookstore and takes a step further into the topic. Featuring impressive book-made arcs that cover tourists' heads as they pass by, this bookstore is surely a magical place. Its entrance resembles classic cinema, which makes this place doubly unique. 

It is a great place to go book shopping while enjoying a never-seen architectural design that feels like it is taken out of a book.


Atlantis Books, Santorini, Greece

Located in the town of Oia, on the Greek island of Santorini, Atlantic Books is the definition of a true bookstore, with books overflooding the place and giving a very nice and heart-warming feeling only small libraries can produce, this place is a little gem that isn’t hard to find.

Atlantis books offer new and used books in many languages so no tourist and bookworm can put on an excuse not to stop by and enjoy a true literary escape.



Hatchards, London, UK

Located in Piccadilly, Hatchards is a very well-known bookstore in London that offers a distinguished front design, with flags flying, as well as a small but impressively-organized interior where you can find any book you can imagine. Founded by John Hatchard in 1797, it is the oldest of the county, and its well-preserved facade is simply magnificent. 

A one-of-a-kind place that is frequented by several members of the Royal Family as well as hundreds of tourists a day.


Do you recognize any of these libraries? I would love to visit the libraries that you can sleep in one day or a library will really nice bookshelves and art on the ceilings. So, basically all of the libraries on this list haha. I hope that you enjoyed this post and came across quite a few libraries that you would want to visit one day. I plan on creating a similar post about beautiful bookshops throughout the world. Stay tuned for that one as well, until next time.. Happy Reading!

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