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50 Items To Send Penpals

Congrats on finding penpals and wanting to write others from all over the world! Now, I know writing penpals is the super easy part because it takes a simple piece of paper or stationery like from The Seasonal Pages. But, now you think what can I send besides a letter -- have no fear, The Seasonal Pages has created a list of different things that you can send your penpals. Majority of the items listed below are free but some can be cute items that you can find for a great price if you had a little funds. If you have any items that you would like to add, never hesitate to comment. 


1. Brochures or menus from restaurants, museums, or places you recently visited and loved.

2. Handmade playlists of music you have been enjoying lately.

3. Small tea bags

4. Flowers you find in your backyard or legally around your city.

5. Postcards **The Seasonal Pages has some right here.

6. Stickers

7. Ticket stub from places you have went to visit.

8. Postage stamps

9. Scraps of newspaper, magazines or random paper

10. Bookmarks **The Seasonal Pages has some right here.

11. Art you have made just for them.

12. Word Search Puzzles, Crossword Puzzles or other types.

13. Memes

14. Maps

15. Music Sheets

16. Poems

17. Glitter or Sequins

18. Old book paper

19. Wax seals

20. Vintage letters that you find at antique shops or on Etsy

21. Paper with a spray of your favorite perfume

22. Stationery **The Seasonal Pages has some right here.

23. Recipe for your favorite meal

24. Seed packets for plants

25. Book recommendations list

26. Scrap paper

27. Mininature letter cards

28. Mini Envelopes

29. Yarn

30. Mini Notepads

31. Cut outs from magazines

32. Movie playlists 

33. Temporary tattoos

34. Pins **The Seasonal Pages has some here.

35. Little doodle drawings

36. Coins

37. Facial sheet masks

38. Cosmetic samples

39. Keychains  **The Seasonal Pages has some here.

40. Magnet

41. Jewelry

42. Masks for COVID

43. Mini folders

44. Mini calendar

45. Washi Tape Samples **The Seasonal Pages has some here.

46. Planner pages

47. Giftcard 

48. Premade envelope for them to use for another penpal

49. Film strips

50. Polaroid or photograph **The Seasonal Pages has some here.


Penpal goodies aren't expected but if you want to add something special like a treat for your penpal, I hope that this list helped. If you have any ideas or want to include anything on this list, drop a comment below my dears.

Don't forget to check out my podcast episode for me discussing this detailed list in detail below. Happy Penpaling!



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