5 Things To Considered Before You Get Kindle Unlimited

5 Things To Considered Before You Get Kindle Unlimited

Hello darlings. It is something about reading books that always makes you want to read more and more -- which leads to discover e-books. I am avid reader of physical books as well as digital books. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited a few years ago and have enjoyed the platform and thought it would be a good idea to write about five things to consider before getting Kindle Unlimited. I believe that KU can be great for some readers and lacking for others. These five aspects can either make you want to join or realize it is not for you. 

Kindle Unlimited is a digital library method

Kindle Unlimited is a library of books that someone can use and return. The books can be available for a period of time but the reader won't necessarily know when the books will stop being available. The not knowing can be an issue if you are taking your time reading a book. But, the books from what I have noticed last quite a long time in the KU book collection. You won't own any of the books you download because KU is just allowing you to check out the book like a digital library but you will always have to switch out books with your cap being ten books.

Kindle Unlimited has indie books and published books 

Kindle Unlimited has come a very long way over the years. It used to be mostly older books but now you can find books from new indie writers or published books that will be available on a certain timeframe. There are thousands of books within the Kindle Unlimited platform and you can rent up to 10 at a time. Ten books could be issue if you don't like time limits or want to rent more books at once. There is a nice range of books available but each week there's either new books added or books that were once available on Kindle Unlimited aren't available anymore through the program -- both options are something to consider when deciding on the program. Brand new released published books aren't necessarily added to KU if they come from a big publishing company but you can be surprised sometimes. So, if you are looking for brand new books that everyone is preordering they aren't usually added but a lot of newly published indie books can be the opposite.

Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 monthly

Since Kindle Unlimited is a monthly membership, the cost is $9.99 monthly but there are many ways to look at this membership. $9.99 can go towards renting 10 books a month making them $1 each but you do not own the books. Or, $9.99 for renting more than 10 books depending on how fast you read. If you are a reader that loves to own books than KU might not be the best fit but if you are an avid library reader then this membership could be great for grabbing many digital books without a deadline necessarily. 


Kindle Unlimited vs Prime Reading (Amazon Reads)

Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading (also known as Amazon Reads) are not the same thing. Prime & Amazon Reading are for Prime Memberships whereas KU is another type of membership owned by Amazon. Every month Prime Readers are able to get one free book (sometimes two if we are lucky) and get shown certain books that might be necessarily apart of KU. Both aspects are great but are different. From what I have noticed KU has similar books as Prime Reads but they are paid differently.

Kindle Unlimited can only work via the Kindle app

Kindle Unlimited is connected to Amazon which means that you will be reading KU books via the Kindle app. This could be a problem, if you prefer to have your digital books on another app such as Apple's book app but if you already know the Kindle app like so many of us then this would be perfect for you.


Kindle Unlimited can be a great platform for avid readers. I have used the membership for quite sometime and noticed the many changes within its book collection over the years.  I would recommend KU to readers that are looking for something similar to a digital library or simply a fast reader. I hope that you get the chance to join KU and devour many books. Until next time...Happy Reading!

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