5 Graphic Novels That Are Being Released

5 Graphic Novels That Are Being Released

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the colorful world of sequential art because we're about to spill the beans on the top 5 graphic novels slated to hit the shelves this year.


From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, there's something for every comic aficionado in the mix. Keep on reading to extend your TBR list 




Mimosa - Archie Bongiovanni

In Mimosa by Archie Bongiovanni, get ready for a candid and side-splitting journey into queerness through the eyes of Chris, Elise, Jo, and Alex, best friends and chosen family.

As they struggle to keep their lives on track, their lifeline is the regular brunch they share. Determined not to become the "oldest gays at the party," they embark on a mission to create a new queer event called Grind, tailored for homos in their "dirty 30s."




Belle of the Ball - Mari Costa

High school senior Belle Hawkins, the ultimate wallflower, summons the courage to reveal her true feelings to her longtime crush, Regina Moreno, the head cheerleader and all-around popular girl. There's just one tiny catch: Regina is already dating Chloe Kitagawa, an athletic all-star with less than stellar English skills.

Regina seizes a chance to have her cake and eat it too, offering Belle the opportunity to tutor Chloe for free, knowing that Belle would do anything to be close to her. Little does Regina know that Belle and Chloe share a history from their childhood when Belle was known as "Belle" and wore princess dresses to school every day.




Under Kingdom - Christof Bogacs & Marie Enger

High school freshman Shay's life takes an extraordinary turn when his mother disappears. He's thrust into a hidden world beneath his West Virginian town, where monsters reside.

Guided by his shapeshifting aunt Sa'Belle, Shay must find his mother while protecting the 'Under Kingdom' and juggling his high school life. Balancing school, a budding crush, and warrior training challenges Shay. When war looms with an army of Dwarves, Shay must discover the strength within himself to defend his friends and the world of monsters he's come to know.

This epic adventure is filled with quirky creatures like sock-stealing imps and adorable dragons, emphasizing the power of kindness over violence.




The Ojja-Wojja - Magdalene Visaggio & Jenn St-Onge

Eighth graders Val and Lanie are inseparable friends in Bolingbroke. They'reunited by shared interests and unique  identities – Lanie is queer, and Val is on the autism spectrum. When a school project uncovers a real ghost, their perception of Bolingbroke changes.

While investigating their town's supernatural history, they inadvertently summon the Ojja-Wojja, an immortal demon tied to Bolingbroke's dark past. Chaos ensues in the town, prompting Val, Lanie, and their group of friends to step up.

As they confront this otherworldly challenge, they question whether returning to "normal" is even what they want. "The Ojja-Wojja" is a coming-of-age tale that explores friendship, identity, and unexpected twists – like accidentally summoning an immortal demon.




Paper Planes - Jennie Wood & Dozerdraws

Dylan and Leighton, once inseparable friends, find themselves at a summer camp for troubled youth after a life-altering incident.

As they confront their troubled past and aim to secure a positive camp evaluation, they must also strive to protect their future and the bond they share.

This heartfelt story explores the challenges of rekindling a friendship while navigating the demands of camp life and the looming threat to their futures

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