3 Reasons Ebooks Are The Best

3 Reasons Ebooks Are The Best

Hello my darlings. Are you ready to step into the digital era and take more than a hundred books everywhere with you? Then an e-book reader will become your best friend.

Now that almost everything comes in digital format, it was no secret that e-books were going to take over the world with their impressive and life-changing benefits, such as complete screen customization, tons of space to save books, and multiple forms of passing the pages. E-books actually date back from many years ago, but their recent aesthetic form only became known around the 2010s.

One of the most shocking and appreciated facts about e-books is that they don’t charge any fees to readers, the price is final and very affordable.

The tactic and on-screen pleasure that ebooks provide can’t be matched by any physical book. Digital copies can be customized, marked, highlighted, and even written on without damaging or ruining the aesthetic of the page.

If you have doubts concerning the true powers of e-books and why do people tend to switch from paper to this, below you can find the top 3 reasons why ebooks are the best and why you should make the change now.



1. You Can Carry A Whole Library In Your Pocket

Instead of having to pack a limited amount of physical books, with an e-book reader you are gifted with your whole library on the go. This is a lifesaving tool to enjoy every book you want at any moment, without the struggle —or sore arms— of having to transport many physical copies.

Students and employees can benefit from e-books more than it is frequently talked about, thus digital books are cheaper and last literally forever without the risk of staining or damaging the book, unlike physical copies that are far more vulnerable.

E-books are available anywhere, and because they don’t require a WiFi connection, you can read them at night, even if the power goes out, which with a physical book you wouldn't be able to do. What’s more, e-books can be easily shared with friends, family, and online communities through the different channels available, you can send a book recommendation as a text to your best friend if you feel like it.


2. Easier To Read At Night

E-books are great for those who read at night because you can enjoy a great book comfortably in your bed or anywhere you’d like without compromising your vision. Further, e-book readers have several settings according to the time and day and page preferences, such as scrolling, paging, white, black, and neutral page colors, and many other fun things.

What’s more, e-books are available in audio files too, that can be reproduced in any e-book reader or your phone. This is a great option for people who want to unwind at night but don’t feel like reading, because they can keep enjoying a great plot.

E-books were designed to make you focus on what you’re reading, so you won’t struggle with distractions and uncomfortable wrist pain (which is extremely annoying and can’t seem to be cured by anything) as well as neck discomfort, thus e-books can be adjustable in all sorts of ways, and you can easily place them anywhere but physical books have a lot of logistics to think about that make the pleasant time of reading a complete nightmare.

Another incredible feature is the option to keep track of your progress as you read more and more. There are platforms that allow you to keep a daily streak of reading which can motivate you to read more and feel exciting about taking some time to yourself to engage in a nice and peaceful time to unwind from your routine.


3. Don’t Use Up Trees

Unlike traditional books, e-books don’t use as many natural resources, which makes them a great ecological option to keep enjoying the books we love the most. According to Breo Box, “statistics have shown that people read about 15 books a year on average” which can improve with the help of a technological gadget such as an e-book reader. Not only are they great for the environment but they promote reading anywhere you go, without needing to carry several physical books with you.

Furthermore, e-books last longer than physical books, which keep helping the environment and your pocket, thus you don’t have to replace them or invest in expensive book covers as well as constantly clean your whole library, taking away time from activities you love doing.

Now that you know about some of the life-changing benefits of e-books it is time to start using them. They are very affordable and don’t require an actual e-book reader at first unless you want to invest fully in this option, but they are still readable from phones, plus you can completely customize the font size, screen, page color, and form of passing the pages. 

They even have bookmarks that allow you to save your favorite pages to never forget them, as well as placing some notes with your thought of certain sentences or a summary of a chapter, and a much-needed tool: highlighting, which can be very mentally painful to do in a physical book thus risking to damaging more pages than the ones you want to highlight.

E-books come with dictionaries too, which make the reading process easier and faster, especially if you're reading in another language or a complex classic literature piece like Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, which is recommended to read with a dictionary aside. How often do you read ebooks? I tend to have a balance between reading physical books and ebooks throughout the week. I hope that you get the chance to read many lovely books. Happy Summer Reading!

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